10 Week ChallengeGet ready to transform your mind & body in just 10 weeks all from our Dural gym!

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Whether your goal is to lose fat, get fit & strong, step out of your comfort zone and/or meet like-minded women in the Dural area – we’ve got you covered.

This is an all-inclusive 10 week challenge suitable to women local to our Dural gym, wanting to challenge themselves and see results like never before!

  • No membership required
  • Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Post-natal safe
  • Suitable to vegetarians and vegans
    Read more below on what’s included and how to secure your spot in our next challenge!

Nutrition Meal Plans

Forget about the standard 1200 calorie “cookie cutter” meal plans other gyms may include in their challenges.

Our highly educated and experienced coaches will collect your personalised information and give you FULLY PERSONALISED meal plans according to your individual calories & macros to that we calculate for you based on your body composition and goals and any food preferences or dislikes.


You will also receive a copy of our very own 54pg “How to Use MyFitnessPal” guide that equips you will all the tools and knowledge on tracking your own food intake to be able to make your changes to nutrition something you can follow and implement for life.

Over the 10 weeks we will teach you how to choose and track your own foods according to your individual calorie & macro goals for full freedom and flexibility and – ultimately – the best results you’ve ever seen.

Our meal plans are a good start but ultimately, we want you all being able to choose and track your own foods to be able to carry your results for life!

Unlimited Group Class Access

You will be given FREE access to our Group Training classes during the 10 weeks.

We have 30 classes available per week – suitable to all women and all fitness levels and include access to our kid friendly gym and kids area.

To view our class times and styles download our FREE app. Apple users click here. Android users click here

Weekly Topics & Education

Every week we will educate you on a certain health, fitness & wellness topic to make sure you are getting the most of your 10 week experience.

We know KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and we want you understanding the “whys” of what we prescribe so you can walk away with education and understanding to make the results you achieve 100% sustainable.

You will also be added to a private facebook group with your coaches and fellow challengers where you can ride the journey together with full support & encouragement of amazing women around you!

Your Spot

Get ready to transform your mind & body!

We run 4 x 10 week challenges per year and spots fill up fast each round.

CONTACT US to enquire for more info & prices and to secure your spot in the next challenge!



Lost 9.4kg in our 10 Week Challenge Round #1

“I’ve just completed my first 10 week challenge with Strong Mamas. I’m now lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and couldn’t be happier leading up to my wedding. I love their no bullsh*t approach to dieting, as it really is so simple.

No excuses such as a hormonal or thyroid problems matter, I’m living proof – I had my thyroid removed years ago due to illness and struggled until now! The team are so lovely and supportive, best gym ever!”


Lost 8.1kg in our 10 Week Challenge Round #1

“I’ve gained so much knowledge around nutrition/exercise in just 10 weeks, that I know I would have never learnt on my own following all the healthy instagram accounts, doing all the fad diets, and mostly cardio and wondering why I’m not getting long term, sustainable results!

I also heavily underestimated how powerful being a kid friendly gym Strong Mamas is. I brought my daughter (almost 3) along to a few classes and while she was shy, she always had fun and felt safe. I didn’t realise how much she learnt from coming along with me to your gym. She’s since been showing me (completely randomly and unprompted) how she does her push-ups, how she can row and star jump. She excitedly says ‘look how strong I’m getting mummy!’ and asks every few days if we can do exercise.

I want the foundation and core of my children’s beliefs and values around eating/exercising to be because it makes them feel strong, happy and it’s just normal to take care of yourself; not because of how they can manipulate their body, punish themselves with food and exercise or not feel good enough and, thank to you guys, I feel like I finally know HOW I can show this to my children.  You’ve allowed me love myself again and I truly cannot thank you enough for that, it really means so much to me.”


Lost 5.5kg in our 10 Week Challenge Round #1

I decided to join the 10 week challenge because it had been 2 years since I’d properly stepped in a gym. I knew I had to change that but I was feeling super anxious and didn’t know where to start. This was just the push I needed and as soon as I walked into Strong Mamas, I left any feelings of anxiety at the door because I knew I was in a supportive environment.
This was about more than just fat loss for me, but it’s an added bonus that I’m a dress size smaller and have been getting some great compliments from friends and family!
My biggest take away is that I’m in a much better position than where I started and now have the tools, discipline, motivation and support to keep going.
Joining the challenge was the best decision I could have made, for me and my family!


Lost 9.9kg in our 10 Week Challenge Round #1

“If you have struggled with losing weight, yo-yo dieting or simply just don’t know what to do in a gym, then I highly recommend signing up to the Strong Mamas challenge, as it was a great start to my healthier lifestyle, to which I was able to share with my family.
After having two children within a small time frame, in just 10 weeks I am now 10kg lighter, down a dress size and most importantly I wouldn’t have the knowledge needed to successfully continue my weight loss journey.
I love that my kids could come and play whilst I trained and the team were amazing with my two boys ensuring they were safe or catering to them while I was completing my workouts.
I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the Strong Mamas team for putting this together and motivating us weekly to ensure we were getting the best out of this challenge and ourselves.
Words cannot describe my appreciation and gratefulness for all the hard work that was put into this challenge, the support from all the trainers and the understanding when temptation got the better of us.
So make sure YOU sign up to the next challenge, you will not regret it!


Lost 2.7kg in our 10 Week Challenge Round #1

“After completing the 10 week challenge with the Strong Mamas, I feel amazing! It started off about the scales for me, but after about 2 weeks in I was seeing my increased strength and my body changes & that mindset soon changed. The education and knowledge I have gained from this challenge has been amazing, I still eat chocolate daily! I am not a mum or pregnant but really feel as though this challenge is so beneficial in setting you up for a healthier and more educated lifestyle. My increased strength is probably what I am most proud of, it was just the motivation I needed. Looking forward to continuing personal training to smash some more goals over the next 12 weeks !

We’re Different

What makes Strong Mamas different to other fitness centres is that, although we work with all women, we specialise in PRE-CONCEPTION, PREGNANCY and POST-NATAL exercise and nutritional advice.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your health & fitness before pregnancy, wanting to eat and train safely during pregnancy, or a mum who wants to feel healthy, happy and strong again, we can help with it all.

At Strong Mamas we promise to deliver safe and experienced exercise & nutritional advice for all women.

Rachel Giampietro

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