3 Tips to Staying Motivated on a Diet

Here our 3 tips for staying motivated on your new journey to a better you.

1. Own your power and choice in every situation

I know life can throw you some curve balls and sometimes you end up in a situation that isn’t ideal. Food and alcohol tempting you at every corner – but its important to know you always have a choice.
Social event you had to attend? – Pack your own food or eat before you go so.
If it’s a sit down meal and you can order from a menu have a chat with your coach and work into your plan. Copping criticism from your friends and family? Explain your current goal to your peers and help them understand how important it is to you to stay on track. You can still have a good time without over indulging and eating foods that don’t serve you any purpose!
Finding it hard to get your steps in? Wake up an hour earlier or utilise your time better i.e park further from work or get off the station earlier.
Travelling? – Pack your foods and be prepared , research local supermarkets and healthy restaurants and find a gym near you that you can casually visit. Take your lifestyle with you – don’t leave it behind.
You get the gist!

2. Don’t turn a bad day into a whole week

It’s not an “All or nothing attitude”. At the end of the day we are all human and have flaws but when we slip up its important to accept what is and use that set back as motivation to step up your game the next day/meal etc. Consistency gets you to your goals and as long as the good out weighs the bad then you’re on the right track. Also word of advice – Be HONEST with your coach if you have a massive slip up – no use lying about it or feeling shame. Your coach can tweak a few things to account for it ?

3. Remember this doesn’t last forever

Yes you will make temporary sacrifices to get to your initial goal but its important to remind yourself “This isn’t going to be my life forever”. It is a small portion of your life that you are fully committing to and once you reach your goal – then you can treat yourself every now a by making educated choices. Remember this is TEMPORARY. It is a short term pain for a long term gain – and you will be SO thankful that you hang in there when the going gets tough.

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Everybody wants to lose weight but no one knows exactly how.

We get it – you’ve tried every “diet” under the sun, only to find yourself back where you started feeling deflated and disappointed yet again.

Well – Look no further…

Here are our 5 tips to losing weight and the principles we use to get the awesome results we do.

1. You’re not eating in a calorie deficit

It’s really simple. To lose fat you need to be eating less calories than you are burning each day. The only way to know this is to track calories/macros and knowingly eat in a calculate calorie deficit. This magic number is different for each woman and is what our coaches will work out for you – all you have to do is eat the amazing array of foods we prescribe you to eat!

2. You’re N.E.A.T levels are low

N.E.A.T stands for “non exercise activity thermogenesis” which is a fancy term for a way of monitoring how many calories you burn each day outside of your regular training sessions. We monitor this via giving all our clients a daily step goal which can be tracked using a device like a fitbit, activity watch or your phone. This is really important to follow and track as NEAT levels can account for 15-30% of total calories burned every day.

3. You’re not following a strength based program that aims for progress

In order to see progress you MUST track every element of your health and fitness journey – including your training program. Do you currently turn up to the gym with no plan or program and just wing it but feel like you’re not seeing results? Or are you attending group classes with no periodisation and feel like you’re just not getting stronger? We write all our programs with progressive overload in mind . We want you beating your numbers each week (either total weigh, total reps or total sets) as this is a measure of strength and your ability to build muscle with helps increase metabolic rate = more calories burned.

4. Your stress is too high

Did you know elevated stress levels are one of the few things that can actually impact fat loss? Yep – you know it. In a nutshell – when we are stressed our body releases cortisol which temporarily down-regulates our immune system, reproductive system and digestive system . Our body thinks it is in a state of fight or flight (e.g being faced with a tiger and deciding to run or fight) so it turns down those three systems and therefore our ability to burn fat is compromised. Our coaches will not take your stresses away but teach you the tools to help you deal with them so they are no longer a stressor and you are not impacted by this problem.

5. Your sleep quality is poor

Poor sleep causes our leptin hormone to drop (which helps keep us satisfied and our metabolic rate high) which then causes our ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone) to rise, meaning we are less satisified by foods and more hunger = eating more = fat gain. Our coaches can give you various tips and/or supplementation to assist with improving your sleep quality.

There are the 5 simple keys to results and the major principles we follow for all our transformations here at Strong Mamas.

Contact us today to work with one our coaches and get a whole body and life transformation!