Group TrainingGroup classes suitable to all women from our new high-class facility in Dural.

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Suitable To
All Women

We have created over our very own unique styles of class designs suitable for all fitness levels and all women in all stages of life (including pregnant and post-natal women).

All classes are use a mix of bodyweight, free weights or pin loaded machines and our programming uses progressive overload to ensure you are always being challenged & improving your strength and fitness.

Each class will be a perfect mix of strength training and cardio that focuses on fat loss, building total body strength as well as a focusing on strengthening the core and pelvic floor which is essential for either preparing your body for pregnancy, to assist with the changes that occur during pregnancy or to reconnect and rebuild overall strength after childbirth.

Our class designs also filter on a roster so you are not only constantly being challenged with all different types of training styles on different days, but you are also able to attend your favourite classes regularly too!

Kid Friendly

You will pleased to know all kids of any age are welcome to attend all classes.

Your children can stay in their pram, lie on a play mat, jump in our bouncers, enjoy our enclosed kids area or safely roam the gym floors.

As long as everyone is safe and happy, we are flexible with all attendees and will make it work so you can get a good session in and your baby(ies) are happy too!


Download our FREE app to view our class times and class designs.

We pride ourselves on offering an attractive timetable with various class times suitable to all women, whether you work full time or are a stay at home mum or a combination of both!

From our app you can view our class times and style of classes. Once you become a member you will also be able to use the app to easily book into your classes of choice!

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We offer 3 membership types where you get unlimited access to our classes for an affordable weekly fee.

We currently offer:



  • CASUAL VISIT PASSES also available

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Strong Mamas

Our group classes are also a great opporunity to network with the women in your area.

Think of it as a mother’s group, where you not only get to meet and connect with like-minded women but you also get to be an example of health and self-love to your children too!

For further information please click the links below or CONTACT US to join our Strong Mamas community today!

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We’re Different

What makes Strong Mamas different to other fitness centres is that, although we work with all women, we specialise in PRE-CONCEPTION, PREGNANCY and POST-NATAL exercise and nutritional advice.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your health & fitness before pregnancy, wanting to eat and train safely during pregnancy, or a mum who wants to feel healthy, happy and strong again, we can help with it all.

At Strong Mamas we promise to deliver safe and experienced exercise & nutritional advice for all women.

Rachel Giampietro

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