Online CoachingTraining and nutrition advice delivered to anywhere in the world from one of our elite coaches

Training and

Our Online Coaching service is available to those of you who are unable to meet with us face-to-face but would still like the guidance of a member of our team for both training and nutrition advice for best results.

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation is FREE and can be delivered face online via ZOOM video call.

It includes a full body composition assessment as well as an in depth discussion of your current lifestyle, health status, short and long term goals. It is also a great opportunity to discuss what you can expect from our services and what is required from you for maximum results.

Together, you and your coach will work towards creating calorie & macro goals and training programs that are realistic for you and bring you closer to truly conquering your goals.


Our Online Coaching service is a 12 week package that includes detailed nutrition and training plans that update every 3-4 weeks depending on how your body responds.

As your body changes, our coaches will reassess your feedback and body composition and make updates as required to ensure you always one step closer to your goals. Your coach will also monitor weekly biofeedback such as stress & sleep management, energy levels, appetite and so much more to ensure your body is responding positively to the plan.

We also pride ourselves on teaching our clients how to lose fat using a flexible dieting approach in a way that is enjoyable for YOU and gets you results. We will also teach you how to track in MyFitnessPal confidently with our very own 54pg “How to use MyFitnesspal” guide that will teach you all you need to know about tracking food intake making this process a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

If you are pregnant, we will also provide a copy of our “Healthy Pregnancy Eating Guidelines” which will provide you with all the information you need to have the healthiest pregnancy possible and avoid unnecessary pregnancy weight gain.


Our Online Coaching service is delivered online via our own app!

From the app you can easily access your calories & macro goals, sync your account with MyFitnessPal, view and track your progress, upload your progress photos, enter your weekly weight and measurements and also chat to your coach in your own private message thread!

Everything is easily accessible right at your finger tips!


You will have weekly check ins with your coach to ensure your accountability and compliance is monitored whilst providing your coach an opportunity to assess your weekly biofeedback to ensure you are adapting well to the plan.

You will also be encouraged to submit photos, measurements and weight at the beginning, 4 week, 8 week and 12 week mark to track progress from all angles so your calories & macros can be updated as your body changes to ensure we get you to your goal.


The minimum commitment period is 12 weeks and package fees will depend on whether you pay weekly on direct debit or up front.

When you financially commit to our services, with 100% compliance, we can promise you will make the most of your valuable time and money and get the best results possible.

Strong Mamas

You will also have access to a private Facebook page of the Strong Mamas Community!

A place where you can meet and interact with like-minded women and support each other on your unique but similar health & fitness journeys and get access to a wide range of health & wellness information and inspiration.

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We’re Different

What makes Strong Mamas different to other fitness centres is that, although we work with all women, we specialise in PRE-CONCEPTION, PREGNANCY and POST-NATAL exercise and nutritional advice.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your health & fitness before pregnancy, wanting to eat and train safely during pregnancy, or a mum who wants to feel healthy, happy and strong again, we can help with it all.

At Strong Mamas we promise to deliver safe and experienced exercise & nutritional advice for all women.

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